Composer Won-Woo Lee graduated from the department of Composition at Kyung Hee University and is currently studying Music Technology at the Korea National University of Arts. He is focusing on using technology to derive human values and possibilities. 


Photo by Hyun-Woo Lee @boiledpic

He is developing electronic instruments for the hearing-impaired using cochlear implants and researching the use of an auxiliary device for the visually-impaired, and has recently been working on creative music utilizing EEG data. 

As a result of the study, he performed ‘Mind Wave’ for EEG, Haegeum, and Electronics and ‘The Cycle of Memories’ for Live Electronics. In 2019, ‘Granular Synthesis Using EEG Data’ and ‘EEG Prepared Piano’ were cited as examples of EEG's musical use at the 2019 ICMC.

Won-Woo Lee's residency is kindly made possible by the Arts Council Korea, ARKO.