Photo: François Berland

Frederikke is returning to EMS to finish a couple of new pieces, mainly focused on cinematic sound collages of various reel-to-reel recording and the Buchla.  
Loke Rahbek will be joining her for the first 2 weeks to finish a series of three collaborate releases, focused on field recordings, room ambience and industrial soundscapes.

Frederikke Hoffmeier (1989) is a Copenhagen based experimental music composer and performer. Best known for releasing and performing under the name Puce Mary, she is occupied with exploring the corners of Industrial, Noise and Power Electronics as well as more composed sound-collages, dark-ambient and concrete sound poetry.

Loke Rahbek (1989) is a sound and visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides a solo output under various monikers, LR, Hvide Sejl, Croatian Amor etc. he has been or is involved with projects like Damien Dubrovnik, Lust For Youth, Vår and Sexdrome. He is half of the Copenhagen label Posh Isolation, that has documented and presented Scandinavian underground and experimental music on 130+ physical releases over the last 5 years, as well as numerous curated festivals and events, in Scandinavia, Europe and America.    Loke Rahbeks own work spans over many different genres and mediums, from sound, performance, installation and often inbetween them, with an emphasis on experimentation. Physical releases counts more than 100 vinyls, tapes and cds and printed matter. With performances, exhibitions and concerts over most of the world.    

An AIR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible to invite Frederikke and Loke to work at EMS.