EMS Stockholm has 2 places to give away to the course Experimental Composition & Performance with Eli Keszler at CAMP, april 4, 2018. 

CAMP is a residential arts centre in the French Pyrenees, operated by Fuse Art Space.

Each bursary will cover everything a paid enrolment would offer, but excludes international travel.

  1. All tuition and activities associated with a single course at CAMP
  2. Accommodation at the centre
  3. All local travel associated with course activities
  4. All catering
  5. Unlimited use of the centre’s facilities
  6. Post-course support and exposure of work
  7. Access to online learning materials

The places will go to people who don’t have the means to pay for a course at CAMP – we will only consider applications from people on low or no income.
CAMP offers other affordability options for people outside this bracket, such as split payments and their Team Program.

Fill out the form below to apply to EMS for a bursary place on the course “Experimental Composition & Performance” with Eli Keszler at CAMP.
For more information on the course, and on CAMP in general, visit https://www.campfr.com

Places are extremely limited so please make sure you give as much information as possible to help us understand you and your work.
In the link fields please enter your website, Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud or whatever platform gives us the most direct access to your work.


Deadline for applications is 30 September, 2017.


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