If you are a resident of the Nordic or Baltic region now is a great time to apply for an EMS residency for up to 10 days!

You need to apply for a residency at EMS, followed by an application for funding from the Mobility Support Programme from Nordic Culture Point.

To apply for a residency at EMS, please start by filling out this form: http://www.elektronmusikstudion.se/work

The selection process for EMS residencies takes into account artistic merit as well as diversity and gender equality. Applications which fill these requirements will be premiered. In your application please state that you intend to apply for Mobility Support.

If you are accepted to the EMS residency program, we will supply you with a letter of invitation to attach to the Mobility Support application.

The next application period for Mobility Support from Nordic Culture Point starts on July 20th and is open until August 20th:

If your application to Nordic Culture Point is approved please contact us at EMS to schedule your residency!

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