After last year's enthusiastically received first edition, the festival format "Alter Schwede!" is in 2014 dedicated to opening borders for the second time: Artists from Sweden and Berlin gather at ausland for an interdisciplinary programme between poetry, experimental music and performance art. Many of the appearances are premieres of newly formed duo-collaborations.

Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm (EMS), one of the pioneering institutions for electronic composition and sound art in Europe, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is cooperation partner for "Alter Schwede!" 2. Many of the musicians performing in the festival's concert branch have recorded at EMS before.

25 April: Concert: Vinyl Terror and Horror: EMS Special, Text-Sound-Performance: Martin Högström & Mario De Vega, Performance: Leif Elggren: "Fear and Food (Don't eat too much !)"

26 April: Text-Sound-Performance: Linn Hansén & Liz Allbee, Performance: Imri Sandström: "(S)TONE TOLD", Concert: Dror Feiler & Jassem Hindi, DJ: Hanno Leichtmann

27 April: Performance: Erik Bünger: "The girl who never was", Text-Sound-Performance: Athena Farrokhzad & Christian Kesten, Concert: Daniel M. Karlsson & Andrea Neumann

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