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Lukasz Szalankiewicz (alias ZENIAL) -  historian, sound designer and electronic music artist, member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME). He currently lives and works in Poznan.


He performed at many Polish festivals including Audio Art Festival and Unsound Festival in Krakow, Wro Festival in Wroclaw and Moving Closer Festival in Warsaw, as well as in major Polish art centers including Kordegarda Gallery and The Contemporary Art Centre Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, Contemporary Art Gallery Arsenal in Bialystok, Contemporary Art Gallery in Wroclaw and Contemporary Art Center in Torun.

Szalankiewicz participated in many international festivals, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania , Israel, Kazachstan, Peru, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Croatia, Japan and Luxemburg.

His practice extends to research audiovisuals performance and interactive installations...

A presentation of the artist in Swedish can be found on the Polish Insitute’s website: