EMS presents the Synth DIY gathering  on Wednesday November 30
Anyone who is interested in building, modifying or repairing synthesizers and other devices is very welcome to join us. Don't expect tuition led by a teacher, but rather a forum where we learn from eachother. Nevertheless, we will organize lectures, workshops and DIY evenings for beginners and advanced builders alike, within the context of these get-togethers.

This time inventor and musician Nils Edvardsson will bring some of his prototypes for public testing. His latest projects include a Buchla inspired wave table oscillator with USB, a switched capacitor filter and voltage controlled digital delays and granular synthesis modules. His modules feature full analog interfaces and mixed micro controlled and analog circuitry on the inside.

Some of our attendants will also start planning a project building a series of Rob Hordijks "Benjolin" (gör ordet till länk: http://web.me.com/klangbureau/DIY/Benjolin.html) noise box with a nice front panel by Jon Nensén

Feel free to bring you own constructions, drawings, sketches etc. Soldering-irons and ordinary tools can be borrowed on location. 
Any queries should be adressed to  teknik@elektronmusikstudion.se . Write "DIY" in the subject line.
Wednesday the 30:th of November from 18:00-22:00 is our next date. Adress: EMS, Söder Mälarstrand 61, near T-bana Mariatorget, Stockholm.

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