Orchestroll, the collaborative project of Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Asaël Richard-Robitaille, embodies an audacious and multifaceted approach to contemporary electronic music. With a deep background in production and engineering for artists like Bernardino Femminielli, Marie Davidson, and Feu St-Antoine, the duo revels in unfettered sonic exploration. Their work as Orchestroll transcends the constraints of client-driven projects, drawing upon a limitless sonic palette for a sound that is as unique as it is challenging. Jesse and Asaël have recently released a mini-album entitled 'Hyperwide Lustre' on Montreal's naff/garmo records. They also maintain a strong ongoing creative relationship with Italian composer and producer Heith and have recently released a collaborative piece on PAN records.


Photo by Fdg

Beyond the studio, Osborne-Lanthier and Richard-Robitaille's work extends to their role as co-founders of Editions Appærent. The label, run alongside Will Ballantyne and Pierre Guerineau, has released works by artists such as Sharp Veins, God's Mom, Anna Arrobas, Lash, Alex Zhang Hungtai, MSYLMA and ISMAEL, and bela. Additionally, as sought-after sound designers, the duo has contributed presets, trailer music and demo-sounds for industry-standard plugins like Native Instruments' Absynth, Massive X, Pharlight, and Arturia's Pigments.

Through evocative electro-acoustic performances at esteemed venues and events, Orchestroll seamlessly navigates disparate environments. Their shape-shifting aural identity, both intellectually provocative and playfully irreverent, resonates equally within the hallowed halls of a cathedral or the raw cement cage of an underground club or squat.