Edvina Fahlqvist is a Swedish electronic music producer and electroacoustic experimental musician, vocalist, and sound designer based between Berlin, Athens and Barcelona.

She began singing in choirs and playing piano as a child, while also composing her own small pieces. Later, she played bass and sang in several bands, until eventually moving to Berlin and discovering the creative freedom of making electronic music. Her work consists of ambient and noise soundscapes, using elements of hyper processed organic found sounds and field recordings. She often explores combining elements of drone, noise, texture and tone color, creating a complex, living sonic world that is at the same time synthetic yet with very human elements.

She has a BA in Musicology from Swedish university Linnéuniversitetet along with a Diploma in Music Production and Sound Design from the same university, and also studied studio recording techniques at the Roundhouse in London, while pursuing a degree in Curation at St. Martin’s College of Art. She has self-released her first two EPs in 2023, “Heart of Target” and “Augury”, and is currently recording her first full length album.

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