Jasmijn Lootens is a Belgian cellist, composer, researcher, and musicologist. As a composer and sound artist, Jasmijn delves into acoustics, temporality, craftsmanship, and the phenomenology of listening.

Performances incorporate acoustic cello, electronics,
voice, modular synthesizers, and found objects, exploring
the intersection of tradition and experimentation. Jasmijn has been commissioned by prominent institutions such as GMEA Centre National de Création Musicale and has presented work
in the form of concerts, experimental music films and installations worldwide including Wien Modern (AT), Sonic Acts (NL), Summer Bummer (BE), Japan Media Arts Festival, ZKM (DE), Concertgebouw Brugge (BE), FILE (BR), amongst others.

Collaboration is at the heart of her creative journey, questioning the individual’s place in the collective whole. Through interaction with others, Jasmijn believes to pop individual bubbles and reshape perspectives. She co-founded the interdisciplinary collectives Studio Radiaal and The Concrete Vinyl Corporation and had the opportunity to work with Sarah Davachi, Martin Küchen, Frederik Croene, Christina Vantzou, and many others.

Currently, Jasmijn is pursuing a doctorate in the arts at LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven and docARTES / Orpheus Institute
in Ghent.