Concepción Huerta is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong background in audiovisual media and a deep focus on the sound spectrum. Her work is developed in different practices such as sound design, installations, spatialized concerts, speculative narratives and immersive experiences. Her approach to sound begins by reflecting on the relationship between silence-noise, political space, and the sound agent as a means of enunciation.

Hara Alonso is a Stockholm-based pianist, composer and sound artist from Spain. In the last years she has expanded the timbral and performative possibilities of the piano through extended techniques, somatic practices and signal processing. Her sonic universe, described as a ‘gloomy bubbling electronic power ambient’, navigates between granular landscapes, minimal beats and hypnotic layers with a strong microlirical presence.

Working together at EMS in October they seek to explore the fusion of the piano as a classical and electronic musical element through sound experimentation. The central idea is to create musical and atmospheric compositions using an acoustic piano as a starting point and processing it through 4-track tape decks, magnetic tape as well as electric signals and modular synthesizers.

Huerta och Hara

Photo of Hara Alonso by Emanuel Koroly                                                                                           Photo of Concepcíon Huerta by Hara Alonso