Midori Hirano is a Berlin-based musician, composer and producer. She started learning the piano as a child, and this triggered what was to later see her study classical piano at university. Therefore her productions are based on the use of acoustic instruments such as the piano, strings or guitars, but yet experimental and an eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing and field recordings. Since releasing her first album in 2006, she has consistently released a vast number of works. Her second, “klo:yuri”(2008), garnering critical acclaim from various media including TIME magazine, BBC radio and FACT Magazine. Over the following years she has performed live throughout Europe and Japan.


Photo by Sylvia Steinhäuser

Under the moniker MimiCof she explores the realm of more experimental music and detailed rhythmic patterns, combined with an idea of drawing melodic shapes and harmonies. As MimiCof she performed at prestigious festivals and events such as CTM, Heroines of Sound Festival, Boiler Room Berlin and L.E.V.Festival, and was selected by Frank Bretschneider for the first volume of the “Sichten” compilation series on raster label. The third MimiCof album “Moon Synch”(2017) is based on the recordings she has done with the Buchla analogue modular synthesizer during her residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm. Followed by her new album “Distant Symphony”(2022) entirely recorded using the EMS SYNTHI100 at Electronic Studio Radio Belgrade.

Besides producing her own works, Hirano has composed music for dance performances, video installations and films which have been screened at Berlin International Film Festival, Krakow Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, HongKong International Film Festival and among others. Having previously remixed the likes of artists including Rival Consoles, Foam And Sand aka Robot Koch, Liars and Pascal Schumacher. Her recent works including her MimiCof moniker’s have been released by labels such as Sonic Pieces, Daisart, Alien Transistor, 7k! Music, Longform Editions, Dauw, and Karlrecords.