Looking over the precipice of pure emotion, Yamila dances between electronic and analogue music, tradition and experimentation.

In 2019 the Spanish composer, cellist, singer and producer released her first album Iras Fajro (Forbidden colours),
supported by Clark (Warp). In 2022 her second album,
Visions (Umor-Rex), revealed an intimate catharsis with
a celebration of the hallucinatory powers of music,
including a collaboration with musician Rafael Antón Irisarri. 

Yamila lives between Brussels and Madrid and has
performed at festivals such as Sonic Acts Festival, Mutek,
Arts Electronica, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Rewire, and Rotterdam Film Festival.

In a perennial search for new languages to push the boundaries of pre-established formats,Yamila has collaborated with visual artists, choreographers and filmmakers. Her interdisciplinary projects include music for contemporary dance productions at Gothenburg Opera, Nederlands Dans Theater and Dance Forum Taipei.

Yamila's residence is kindly made possible in part by a grant
from the State Agency Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).


Photo by Virginia Rota