Başak Günak is a sound artist and composer, also internationally known as AH! KOSMOS in the field of electronic music.  
Her work includes sound art, performance, sound installation, composition for theater & contemporary dance. 
She released two LPs from Compost Records & Denovali Records, one collaborative LP and numerous EPs.
Both timeless and otherworldly, Günak’s work unconsciously defies being tied to a genre, tapping into something beyond an immediate surrounding or experience to communicate
something more transcendental. Günak uses polyrhythms, electronic composition and found sounds to build a mystical world of modulation into which one can sink and be carried away. 

In addition to her musical compositions with AH! KOSMOS, Günak pursues her sound experimentations as a sound artist, composing soundscapes for theatre, contemporary dance, film and visual art projects, and realising site-specific performances. Her works have been featured worldwide in several festivals and institutions, such as Barbican Theatre (UK), Martin-Gropius Bau(DE), Royal Theater Carré (NL), Sonar Festival (SP), Berlin CTM Festival (DE), Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL) and Prague Quadrennial (CZ). 

In 2020, she presented her latest solo sound installation THE WELL, a piece for 11 speakers and performance in
VKV Museum Istanbul. Recently, she has done composition
for Martin-Gropius Bau, Berlin State Museums, Kunstmuseum Basel and granted a residency in HELLERAU (DE), Gate27 (TR) for her upcoming sound installations. 

The residency @ EMS has been made possible with the kind support of the Goethe Institute Germany.

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Photo by Furkan Temir

Furkan Temir