Composer-Performer Jana De Troyer positions herself at the dynamic borders between styles and disciplines. Concurrently, she deftly switches between her roles of composer, free improviser, instrumentalist, human, media artist and programmer. Coming from a background as a contemporary saxophonist, De Troyer has always been curious about further exploring and fusing various modes of expression. This “Experimentierfreude” has brought about a myriad of creative collaborations with composers, musicians and artists from other disciplines such as visual arts, dance and coding. 
Her compositional output consists of both instrumental and electronic music, as well as interactive installations, web art and audiovisual works. She has developed works for knitting guitar quartet (Fashionista’s), kissers (DU-O), a window cleaner (Putzzwang), distracted visitors ( ||: Focus | Distraction :|| ), robotic insects (Inneres Insektenballett), and more. At the core of her work is a deep sonic exploration of non-musical concepts, which often leads to the integration of interdisciplinary means.

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De Troyer has been artist in residence at subnet Salzburg (2022), Künstlerhaus Lauenburg (2022) and Künstlerstadt Kalbe (2017). She has master degrees in Saxophone Performance (MHL Lübeck, 2018) and in Contemporary Performance and Composition (HfMT Hamburg, CNSMD Lyon, EMTA Tallinn, KMH Stockholm, 2020). She has performed on stages such as Blurred Edges (2021, 2022), Ultima Festival (2018), Taichung Jazz Festival (2017), Whatever Works! (2019), Provinzlärm (2022, 2023), Marathon 3000 (2021) and The Art of Improvisation (2021). Her works have been part of festivals such as My Behavioral Surplus (2021), BROWSER (2021), IDKF (2022), Performing Media Festival (2022), Sonopol (2021) and Blurred Edges (2021).

Jana's residency at EMS is kindly made possible by a grant from the European Union's Culture Moves Europe program, implemented by Goethe-Institut.

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