As a techno artist, Jundo has contemplated for many years why people, including himself, dance to music and dive deep into the true essence of dance music. His musical style combines techno and other contemporary dance music with traditional dance music such as Korean shaman music. He focuses on music that makes people dance in the very present moment rather than to its musical form. Jundo’s unique musical style has been recognized in various art scenes and he has performed many successful shows in venues such as the National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul Art Center and Asia Culture Center, among others.



Jundo is also part of 64ksana, an alternative electronic band that blends traditional Korean shamanic music with modern electronic elements. The group consists of Jundo on synthesizer, Ejo on percussion, and Jaeyeon as the vocalist and Korean percussionist. The band takes inspiration from Korean shaman music styles such as Ogu-gut and Daegamnori and aims to revive the spirit and philosophy of the traditional rituals. With their unique sound, they aim to create a transcendent musical space that liberates listeners from the constraints of reality. 64ksana believes in the power of being fully present in the moment and aims to bring shamanic ritual to the contemporary stage. The band is dedicated to spreading the message of peace, love, unity, and respect and encourages their audiences to embrace the present and find fulfillment in their lives. 

Joon Bo Shim's residency is kindly made possible by the Arts Council Korea, ARKO.