Nick Storring is a Toronto-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. His varied and idiosyncratic body of work spans delicate chamber compositions to meticulously constructed pieces consisting solely of his own overdubbed instrumental performances. Having been featured been by Oxford UK's Audiograft Festival, the Esprit Orchestra, and Quatuor Bozzini, his work has also accompanied films and dance by noted directors (Terrance Odette, Ingrid Veninger) and choreographers including Yvonne Ng, Deepti Gupta, Brandy Leary, and Marie-Josée Chartier. He has been commissioned by the likes of lauded pianist Eve Egoyan, veteran ensemble Arraymusic, Soundstreams, and Montréal's AKOUSMA Festival.

His music for 'ambient gaming environment' Tentacle travelled with the project worldwide, including to New York's MoMA in 2011, In 2022 he participated in A More Beautiful Journey, an app developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Toronto Transit Commission that furnished site-specific music pieces paired with particular Toronto transit routes. He is a past winner of the Canadian Music Centre's Toronto Emerging Composer Award, and the national Jeux De Temps competition for electroacoustic music. 

Storring's sixth commercial release My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell was released by Orange Milk Records in March 2020 to considerable acclaim, garnering praise in major outlets such as the Wire, Exclaim!, Vice China, and elsewhere. His latest release, Music from Wéi 成为 (2022, Orange Milk Records) was touted by PopMatters as “an affirmation of Nick Storring’s status as one of the most creative and exciting experimental artists working today.”

Photo by Dwight Storring

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