Christian Rønn works with improvisation, electroacoustics,
fixed composition, soundart and film-music, performing and writing in a variety of combinations and constellations.
F.ex. with Ikue Mori, Peter Peter, Aram Shelton
and P.O. Jørgens.

Points of interest: unrecognizable states of being,
transcendence, journey beyond language.
His energetic and out-of-body-playing-style has
been likened to Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra.

As an organ-and piano-player, he creates solo- and
collaborative works for organ, piano and multi-channel
electronics as well as installation-works. Writes and
produces “Panser” with Peter Peter and the popular
electronica-act “Ganga” and has been scoring film-classics
as “Battleship Potemkin”, “Metropolis” and “Man with
a Move Camera”. 

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