Agnese Menguzzato is an Italian composer and musician based in Berlin. Trained in both violin and the renaissance lute at the Conservatorio A. Boito di Parma, she then studied sound engineering and electroacoustic composition at NUT Academy in Naples. Drawing on historical and contemporary technologies, Menguzzato’s work intertwines past and current techniques
to explore the sonic prospects of the present, often employing
the auditory potential of the lute.

In 2021, she moved to Berlin and participated to Amplify Berlin with Soho Rezanejad under the mentorship of Yair Elazar Glotman by the moniker Hildegarda; since then she’s been working in different music constellations and has played
concerts for disparate venues and institutions such as CTM Vorspiel, BPA//, KINDL and silent green Kulturquartier, among others. Agnese also collaborated and performed together with Sara Persico as well as FRANKIE (Franziska Aigner).

In 2022, she participated at Shadow Sequences, a residency
and concert series headed by Lucy Railton under the supervision of Riccardo La Foresta.

In 2023, Agnese will undertake a residency at EMS, Stockholm,
to finalize her first solo record and work on a joint project with FRANKIE.

Photo by Kamil Dossar