Long-time collaborators, Ale and Ignacio, will be recording a sound composition at EMS for an experimental multichannel A/V project. Both have worked together consistently in past years, creating music and sound for films and audiovisual projects, such as the three original songs for the Peruvian film “Tiempos Futuros”, directed by Víctor Checa, which premiered at Taillin’s Black Nights Festival 2021; the short film Cúmulo, directed by Hector Delgado; the video art piece “Deep Panic” for Christian Graupner’s “Collaborative Stream Scape” project; and recently, a radio sound art piece tribute to the 100th anniversary of the collection of poems Trilce by César Vallejo.


Alejandra Cárdenas Pacheco (aka Ale Hop) is a Peruvian Berlin-based artist, researcher and experimental musician who began her career in the 2000s in Lima’s underground scene. She composes electronic music by blending a complex repertoire of techniques for electric guitar, which she uses to create a performance of deep physical intensity. Her work includes live shows, record releases, sound and video artworks, research on sound and technology, and original music for film and dance.

Musician and writer, Ignacio Briceno, has intertwined his academic background in literature with a DIY career in music and arts, giving shape to an interrelationship between composition, performing arts, narrative and discourse analysis. His musical body of work spans from punk and experimental bands, to live improvisation and collaborations within different disciplines; composing for performances pieces, dance theater, films and video.