Verena Breitfuß is an Austrian cellist. Performing in various ensembles, she played at Mozartfest Schloss Schwetzingen, Victoria International Arts Festival Malta, Internationalem Brucknerfest und Estate Concertista in Greve/Chianti.
She can increasingly be heard in combination with live
electronics and own compositions/improvisations, presented
at the international juggling convention "The Sound of Juggling“ and Ars Electronica Festival amongst others.

Michael Hutsteiner is an Austrian composer and audio engineer. He has worked on several multimedia projects, including Ars Electronica Festival, Klangwolke Linz, Bruckner Festival and Osmodrama Berlin. He is currently studying composition at the Anton Bruckner Private University with Andreas Weixler
& Carola Bauckholt.

Photo by Manuel Hutsteiner