Jessica Sligter is a composer, musician and textwriter, whose work exists in the borderlands between genres, in a conceptual and experimental space.

With a background blending influences such as improvised music, shapenote singing, conceptual visual arts, and abstract electronic music, Sligter's work is characterized by an examining and re-arranging of metaphysical musical building-blocks.

Her releases include 'Polycrisis:yes!' (2018, Butler & Butler), A Sense Of Growth (2016, Hubro), and ‘Untitled #2/The Mute’ med Wilbert Bulsink (2018, Unsound).

She's written commissioned works for among others Ensemble neoN, Tøyen Fil og Klafferi, and Oslo14.

Photo by Jenny Berger Myhre

Jessica Sligter4 by Jenny Berger Myhre apr15