Working with electronic voice sound and acoustic voice sound, Tone Åse explores the artistic material found in, and in between, the many versions of the voice, stretching the instrumental capabilities of the voice and the live electronics in the improvised interplay. Either playing solo or in various interacting constellations, she takes on and mediates the roles of the singer, the speaker, the sound-maker and the very interesting in-between zones and transformations between semantic meaning, sound and music.

tone. 15.05.28

Photo by Juliane Schütz

Åse takes part in the scene of modern improvised music, and has released several albums with groups like Kvitretten, BOL/BOL&Snah, Trondheim Voices, Voxpeheria/Åse/Strønen duo etc. She composes music for film, stage, chamber choir and her own bands.

Of her latest collaborations is her duo with Sten Sandell, and her cooperation with sound artist Eirik Bleikesaunet and dramaturg Tale Næss in her new solo project “Samtalen”. At EMS she will explore the setup for this last project, playing solo with several loudspeaker-systems. The aim is to develop a format that combines the sound installation and the concert, and to let the room become the instrument.

Åse is also professor at Department of Music, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, teaching improvisation, voice and engaging in artistic research both as teacher, supervisor and researcher.