Andrew Raffo Dewar, Ph.D. (b.1975 Rosario, Argentina) is a composer, soprano saxophonist, synthesist, and ethnomusicologist whose music spans through-composed chamber music, aleatoric and algorithmic composition, electroacoustic music, and open improvisation. 

He studied with experimentalist composer/performers Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier, and Bill Dixon, and has performed regularly in Braxton's ensembles since 2005. 

Recent work includes original music for his ensembles in San Francisco, New York City, and Hamburg, analog cybernetic feedback-based electronic music for the Serge modular synthesizer, music for film, compositions incorporating ethnographic interviews, biofeedback, and installations and performances utilizing 3D spatial audio. 

He is Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts in New College and the School of Music at the University of Alabama, USA.

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