Techno para dos is Raul Villamil's project. One of the experimental electronic projects that has gained the most followers in Mexico City, it is characterized by a daring and careful mix of melodies and instruments that manage to
transport you to places where you feel cold, hot or even ticklish. A sort of blanket that, when rubbing against your body, provoke different and even contradictory sensations. 

Raúl Villamil premiered his first work of all original music for dance with the Nohbords company "Dorje" which was
presented at the Museo Universitario del Chopo (UNAM) in Mexico City, and participated in the reninaguration of the CENART (The National Center of The Arts). He is co-founder of the experimental Mexican music label VAA. At the moment he's working with the "pregon" sound of Mexico City and experimenting with classical harp sounds together with the Mexican harpist Alondra Máynez. He also teaches at the "arco" art school and currently directs the sound art course where artists such as Rogelio Sosa, Alvaro Ruiza Mayagoitia, Humberto Monopolar, Microhom, Concepción Huerta have performed.