Baskak (Antoni Beksiak) is a Music curator (Turning Sounds, Mouth-o-Fonic, Ad Libitum), initiator, critic and creator.

He deals with contemporary crossover, ethnic, classical, jazz, and pop music, and is the Co-founder of the „Dom Tańca” Association. He was a part of the Requiemachine show of Marta Górnicka’s Chorus of Women.

He performs using extended vocal techniques with Aleksandra Klimczak as Śniedź, Constantin Popp as baskak+popp, Gęba (Karkowski’s Encumbrance) and Warsaw Improvisers' Orchestra.
At Niewte he's responsible for digitizing mazurka rhythms
(debut Osmętnica electronica CD in 2021).

After hours he plays tenor/alto horn with a local dance brass band.

Photo by Moda Polka