Exapist Euphoria is the solo project of Andrea S Giordano, an italian musician, based in Oslo, that works both as composer, sound designer and performer with electronics and voice. This allowed to open possibilities to multiinstrumentalism, which is an essential part of the work, extended techniques and to create layers and imitational structures with different timbres.


Exapist Euphoria is a tridimensional snap-shot of contrasting muscular contractions. This is a project that employs improvisation to generate materials that are then structured in the composition process and live performed. The main focus of the solo project is always to connect the gesture and the physicality to the instruments and electronics. Both as a method to release tensions and to build personal aesthetics in music and way of playing instruments. The urge of exploring in this way, how to approach the instrument, is the key for Giordano as a performer to build her language.

An AiR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible to invite Andrea S Giordano to work at EMS.

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