Constantly mutating rhythms and sharp digital textures shape the sound of Forces. Forces is the electronic music project of Finnish interdisciplinary artist Joonas Siren. Different live-coding and processing techniques are used to make dense atomized swirls; electronic and sometimes chaotic abstract oceans of sound. Forces’ music has been released on Gin & Platonic, Genot Centre, Conditional and Bio Future Laboratory, and has also been played in mixes by experimental producers like Aphex Twin, Daniel Ruane and ZULI.

Joonas S

With his real name, Joonas work mostly with installations, often using sound and other media to form multifaceted art works. He has exhibited multiple times in Finland, most recently a joint exhibition with Milka Luhtaniemi called Toinen laji/Different Species at Forum Box gallery Helsinki, Helsinki July 2021. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in visual arts in 2013 and from Nordic Universities collaboration program: the Nordic Sound Art MFA program in 2012.

During his residency at EMS Stockholm he will continue his ongoing artistic work with the SuperCollider programming language and the various tools and synthesizers offered by EMS. The joining of the ultra-digital programming language SuperCollider and the more analog world of modular synthesizers of the Serge and the Buchla will hopefully results interesting material that can be used in forthcoming Forces records.

An AiR-programme grant from Nordic Culture Point has made it possible to invite Joonas Siren to work at EMS.

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