Francesco Fonassi (b. 1986, Italy) is a sonic artist, researcher and musician working in the field of sound based performances, transmission/transmedial art and experimental music. His work, developed through actions, recordings, environmental configurations, radio transmissions, listening sessions, sculptural prototypes and the creation of audiovisuals and sensory spaces, has been featured in institutions, museums, festivals and independent spaces in Europe, Asia and United States.


 Photo by Yogesh Barve

He runs with colleagues an experimental venue/studio/radio-platform in Brescia, Italy - Spettro - where he co-curates and organizes programs of concerts and sound performances. As musician (synthesist, improviser, composer) and in addition of his solo music production, he’s currently part of several projects such as the avant-world duo Interlingua, the electronic trio Chorus Abstracta, a reel-to-reel tape machines duo with the producer Marta Salogni, and an experimental duo with artist/musician Canedicoda.

In Sweden he is developing a speculative sonic project toward a long research upon human territorial behaviors and perceptual systems: besides of researching at IAC - in Malmö - where he’s resident for three months, at EMS he will start to design and consolidate an interactive, latent system of body tracking (density, proximity, duality) to use as core-technology to implement the project. Studying and testing different kinds of space relations and configurations, he will work in order both to record sound/musical patterns and materials for the composition and to deduce and design a multi-circuit board to be interfaced properly to the system in different, specific contexts.

Francesco's residency is part of a residency exchange between Inter Arts Center, IAC, and EMS and supported by IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists.

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