Daniele Guerrini is a Milan based composer, musician and artist. He investigates the many possibilities of sound from rave music to ambient and musique concrète, also incorporating the influence of different instances of traditional folk music and ritual music. Along with several solo record releases, his work has also been featured in soundtracks, sound installations and live performances. Over the years he's been playing in clubs, festivals, galleries and doing research in different areas of the world. 

Daniele Guerrini


Heith is his main alias and music project. Established in 2013, it’s an outlet for the exploration of sound’s textural qualities, shaping harmonics into compositions evoking spiritual impulses and ancestral visions. His disorienting use of rhythm and sound design is largely aimed at the re-surfacing of thoughts and dreams rendered hazy by psychedelic amnesia.

He collaborated with many artists including: Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Puce Mary, Ruben Patino, Kareem Lotfy, Asger Hartvig and more. In 2013 he—together with Francesco Birsa Alessandri—founded Haunter Records, which quickly became one of the main outlets for underground electronic music in Italy realeasing artists such as: Zuli, John T. Gast, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Ossia, Giant Swan and more.

The residency of Daniele Guerrini is made possible with the generous support of the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm. 

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