Artist and composer, Valérie Vivancos aka Ocean Viva Silver, sailed the Anglo-Saxon artistic and musical undercurrents of Liverpool, Manchester, London, San Francisco and NYC for 11 years before settling in Paris. Her artistic practice revolves around composition, performance scores, situations and writing protocols that interweave life and fiction and trigger 'curious' experiences. 




Photo by DinahBird 


She studied Fine Arts in London and San Francisco (Chelsea, SFAI), English and Sociology in Paris (Sorbonne) with Andrew D. Diamond and was introduced to electroacoustic composition and sound design by Laétitia Sonami, Christian Zanesi and Robert Hampson.  

She is co-founder of projects focused on experimental music/sound and art including the duo OttoannA and the Double Entendre editions (With Rodolphe Alexis) and often collaborates with other artists (Virgile Novarina, Cyril Lepetit, DinahBird, Yoko Fukushima, Max Kuiper, Carl Stone). 

Based in Paris, she regularly works for the GRM, Collectif MU, Fair_Play network and other sonic research organisations. She also writes and translates literary and theoretical texts (Pompidou Centre, Mego Editions, Ina-GRM, Robot Records, MU asso, Shelter Press ) and poetry (Alice Lewis, Jacques Lejeune, Stephen O'Malley).

She has run sound/art workshops in Brazil, invited people to sleep in an underground bunker in Denmark, performed spatialised music in a Planetarium, on a boat sailing the Danube, improvised a performance with sounding objects in Hong Kong, created sounds for answering machines and cctvs, been commissioned for electroacoustic and radio art pieces. 

Her work has been featured in international art centers (Palais de Tokyo, Gaîté Lyrique, Leroy Neiman Gallery, Overgaden gallery, ICA, Mudam, Parque das Ruinas, Black Box Theater),  music venues and festivals (Présences Électronique, Présences, Poitiers Planétarium, Futura, The Dark Outside, Nuit Blanche, Sonic Dreams, JRM) as well as radios (France Culture, France Musique, Rte Lyric, Phaune, Radia Network, Kunstradio, Resonnance FM, Jet FM, Panik, RTBF). She has received institutional awards, residencies and commissions (GRM, Radio France, France Culture, Scam, Gulliver, RTBF, EMS). 

In 2016, a re-composition of her Sleep in Opera (2002-2016) was released on the Swedish label Sublunar Society.