Maria da Rocha (Lisbon, PT) plays violin & viola, researches, teaches, creates mostly in the field of new, experimental & electroacoustic music. Her music has emerged from an intimate connection to the violin and from the fascination of how analog synthetised noises can resemble those from everyday life: nature, machines and other sounding objects, partly with a life of their own.
 Maria da Rocha
Photo by Roman Hagenbrock
She played various works solo with orchestra or as tutti and collaborated with ensembles in new music festivals in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom and Poland. Maria is also active in other musical styles such as barroque, classical and tango.

Her multimedia compositions emerged in collaboration and have been presented in various festivals, such as the release of the album Pink: daRocha/Horn (viola and live electronics). Her solo album Beetroot & Other Stories (violin & electronics) was recorded at awarded composer residencies at EMS, Stockholm and mastered in VICC, Centre for Composers in Visby and edited by Shhpuma label.

She studied in Lisbon (Esml), Aveiro (UA), Berlin (UdK) and is finishing her PhD in Musical Arts (FCSH, Lisbon and SARC/QUB, UK).