WTCHCRFT is currently working with Sweden based artist and producer Sweeep. Coming off of the newly released collaborative EP “No One Knows Why We Exist” based around the harsh and inevitable reality of climate change, Sweeep and WTCHCRFT are back together in the studio ready to develop their ambient side project Sleeep & Clovis.

Based out of Brooklyn New York, WTCHCRFT has been making dark bass heavy experimental music since 2013. Growing up in the green and monotonous suburbs outside of New York City, WTCHCRFT decided to express his boredom and restlessness by making music that serves as a dichotomy to the lush and soft area that surrounded him. Pulling from a wide range of music from Techno and Ambient to Hip Hop and R&B WTCHCRFT's music is blend of everything mixed in with a melancholic and somber atmosphere.