Iván Cebrián Villena is a musician, composer and psychologist and part of the art and music collective Menhir, with which he develops sound art installations and music related to geopuncture and power places.

He is an active member of the electronic improvisation groups K·E·A and CloudWatcher as well as a curator of the soundart
and experimental music season Encuentros Sonoros at the
Fine Arts Faculty at UCM in Madrid.

He currently enjoys a grant from the Daniel et Nina Carasso Foundation, which shares and teaches about his creative process and contemporary music at a public education institute.

His studies focus on music as a means of knowledge and
a knowledge in itself. His work has been concentrating from
a wide electronic music point of view to a minimalism and ambient ritual music, with analog synthesizers and the sound studio as main tools.

He has  published more than fifteen works both alone and in collaborations, as a composer, producer and performer.

His works has been exhibited at Reina Sofia Museum, Matadero Madrid,
Medialab-Prado, Human Evolution Museum, LABoral art center, Azkuna Centroa,
Conde Duque Art center, Ipsum Gallery, Cerro Gallinero art and nature center,
and Casa de Velázquez among others.

Ivan Villena