Born In France, where he received his musical education from the National Conservatory, and experienced the explosion of Techno Music
in Europe in the mid 90's. It was in Ibiza/Spain that Luc Ringeisen started to produce music and had his first experiences as a DJ.

In Ibiza he founded the record store Vinyl Club in 2003, and record label Vinyl Club Recordings in 2005, which helped to discover some
of the best modern underground music producers such as Petre Inspirescu, Jonas Kopp and Anthony Collins.

Luc Ringeisen 2


Luc started developing his own musical production style powered by a wish to experiment in new ways of approaching dance music; often deep and experimental,
and often made for psychedelic after-hour sessions. In 2008 he relocated the label to Berlin where he found a new home and could focus his work on music
production and on his imprint. Once in Berlin Luc could create a very particular musical world that led him to produce, apart from his own imprint Vinyl Club,
timeless eps on labels such as Safari Electronique, Movida, Darkroom Dubs and soon on Karat Records. 

Club der Visionaere in Berlin became the location with which Luc indentified his music and friendships, being faithful to his musical, non-commercial and human vision. Since the end of 2011 he teams up with DeWalta to run his event Vinyl Society at Club der Visionaere. His Berlin parties allowes him to share the booth
and to introduce his favorite DJs and producers to the Berlin scene. 

Part of his work is to study the effects of strong "unusual and disorienting musical events" on the dancers, using high-tech sound design, but Luc’s studio work
is now more about experimenting with different technologies like surround possibilities for club-music (amongst others), and the production of an album and
live show in quadraphonic surround.