Aya Metwalli (b. 1988) is a singer/songwriter from Cairo who has been performing her original material since November 2011.
Since that period she has self-pulblished over 30 songs and amassed over 1,110,000 streams and over 27,000 followers on Soundcloud.

Starting with only her acoustic guitar and voice, she gradually expanded her live set after studying music production in 2014.
She has added an electronic element to her performances with minimal beats and various sound modulations. In December 2016,
she self-released an EP entitled “BEITAK” on soundcloud introducing her new sound. She has performed the EP in various venues in Cairo and Beirut.
She is currently working on her debut album.

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SOUNDCLOUD>> http://soundcloud.com/ayametwalli FACEBOOK>> http://facebook.com/ayametwalli