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Moisés Horta Valenzuela (Tijuana, November 29 1988) is a musician, composer and sound artist. Taking inspiration from the sociocultural border context of Tijuana and being part of a generation exposed to the consumption of information via the Internet, the objective of his work is to express the ways in which the human mind is transformed by the constant movement between the virtual and physical realms.
His work is characterized by exploring the juxtaposition of dual concepts such as tradition and hypermodernity, dystopia and utopia, low resolution and high
definition using new technologies and electronic musical instruments, both software and hardware. He studied a Bachelor in Science in Audio Production at
the Art Institute of San Diego, California (2010). He has participated in a series of workshops that focus on the use of technologies for the creation of multimedia art: Potencial de Acción: Introduction to Neurofeedback (Alumnos 27 Foundation, 2015), Biofeedback workshop (Biblioteca Vasconcelos/Centro de Cultura Digital, 2014), Introduction to physical computing (Protolab, 2010). moises2016    
His incursión into the field of sound has manifested itself through a string of electronic music projects with an experimental focus: Kixly (2006-2009), Los Macuanos (2009-2016), DJ Nombre Apellido (2012- Present) and ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS (2013-Present). His music has been published by various international labels such as: Inmersiva – ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS (Centro de Cultura Digital/Fonoteca Nacional, MX, 2015), El Origen – Los Macuanos (Nacional Records, USA, 2013), El Fin – Los Macuanos (New Other Thing, USA, 2010), V.A. – Fifteen sounds of the War on the Poor Vol. 2 (Public Record, USA , 2009), V.A. – Groan / Grown Zone ( States Rights Records, USA, 2009). His music is also distributed freely around the globe via the Internet.
He has played around the world in various international forums including: Festival Pirineos Sur (Sallent de Gállego, Spain, 2015), Södra Theatern (Stockholm, Sweden, 2014 y 2011), Gramercy Theatre (New York, USA, 2014), Fesival Supersónico (Los Ángeles, USA, 2014), Steinvorth (San José, Costa Rica, 2013), Folk Fest (Guatemala, Guatemala, 2012), SXSW (Austin, USA, 2011), MUTEK_Mx (CDMX, México, 2010), as well as residencies at Elektron Musik Studion (Stockholm, Sweden, 2014) and the Red Bull Music Academy (London, England, 2010).