Roberto P. Siguera aka Rob Easychord is an Italian sound adventurer. Through improvisation, electronic music, and a sculptural approach to the sound, his work utilizes masses of sonic explorations strongly attracted to the sensitive purity of tones and celestial dance of frequencies.


Rob's residency is kindly supported by the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm.

“Into Thin Air” is a work in progress, sonic research that the artist will further develop at EMS and perform live in Stockholm at Rokridan, June 22. “Into Thin Air” explores digital/analog synthesis with a particular emphasis on the physically of sound from the very lowest registers of the frequency spectrum. The sound artist forces himself to do this with a real severe and uncompromising guideline using a sculptural approach and a reduced sonic vocabulary, to achieve a balance between the abstract, hypnotic, intimate, imagined and real world. Pure immersive synthesizer music, unadorned bass tones, trying to explore the presence of tangible air movements.