Michał (Wojna) Liberak - electronic music and video production based on analogue instruments and glitch aesthetics.
A humanoid in disguise. During the warm season, can be found near meadows and forests. In winter, it appears mainly in bunkers, vacant buildings and basements. Sleeps in an inflatable coffin at the edge of the cemetery. Likes to travel and execute sounds and images out of machines. Supports the anti-fascist, teknopunk movement and sound system culture.

Musically, it acts as Verbalizer and Pierdochrumszczarka.
The video project is Hachiwari Television, created as an antidote
to the content disseminated through this medium by state and corporate channels. Hachiwari Television is a tool for personal liberation, deprogramming through the gnosis of imperfection, spontaneously emerging narrative, imaginary content available
to everyone (and different for everyone at the same time) appearing on the screen of a TV set raging in feedback with the camera.


DSC0833314 kopia