Hacklander \ Hatam is the hard-hittin’ drum + electronic music duo of Farahnaz Hatam & Colin Hacklander. Interested in transparency, liberation, rhythmic stability & its absence, the depth of radical material heteronomy in contemporary capitalism & the nature of our mobilized conditioning; sound as sculptural material; sound as a medium in which ideas are communicated; digital sound synthesis with SuperCollider; drums, percussion & gongs.

ColinFarah DUO

Formed spontaneously in Moscow during New Years 2013, the duo's first piece was ‘WAR SOUNDS’ for the Ertz Festival #14 in Bera, Spain. Since then the duo has performed alongside Mika Vaino, PRSZR, Dave Phillips & Mattin; was commissioned for a 67-hour long piece for Transmediale Berlin website; composed a chamber piece for the Hyperion Ensemble International in TECTONICS Tel Aviv, which was performed later by the great Zeitkratzer ensemble in Berlin.  Currently they are featured in the apparatus-festival DRECK and also Ariel Ashbel’s theater piece ‘The Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic’.