Ruta and Åsa are back at EMS! Their Spatial Opera Company is a collaboration between Swedish electronic music composer Jens Hedman, Lithuanian composer Ruta Vitkauskaite and Swedish opera singer Åsa Nordgren.

The group met in 2010 united in the idea to create opera in the dark, using space as main element to inspire listener’s visual and aural associations.


Since then, the group have had constant meetings in Lithuania (Vilnius and Druskininkai, Residency of Lithaunian Composer’s Union) and Sweden (EMS studio) for the opera ideas development and creation. The opera work has developed into multiple opera-like projects, all based on the idea of spatial sound travel in the dark. These works were presented in various events across Sweden, including Geiger (2012) and Norberg (2013) festivals, and in Dartington Summer School in UK.To hear samples of the works please visit:

Confessions: 3 parts -

Spatial Whale Opera -


For more information about the artists please visit:

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