Jørgen Teller (b. 1958) is a composer and musician and has created soundtracks for international dance and performance events, theatre, poetry, video, film, architecture and radio. His works have been presented at numerous concerts and in theatre/performance productions and intermedia events in Europe, Japan, and North America.

Jorgen Teller

Jørgen Teller's new solo-project STATIC TELLER  - Call it minimal rock... Here he speeds up new minimalistic text with vibrant voice-delays, his electric guitar; Le Bastard and static LFO-synths. STATIC TELLER was created during Teller’s residency at Rotterdam’s avantgarde studio The Worm early 2014. He “pressed rec” and used the studios load of old crazy machinery ao an ARP 2500, an EMSi and the Publison DHM89... The resulting handfull of suggestive static songs became Teller’s new solo-project which has been released in a limited edition white vinyl on Record Store Day 2014 and for download at staticteller.bandcamp.com

During his time at EMS Jørgen Teller will prepare the second phase of STATIC TELLER - to be released on a vinyl during 2015. http://www.jorgenteller.dk/STATICTELLER.html’ using the Buchla and Serge modular systems.