Moisés Horta was born in San Diego, California in 1988 but was raised south of the border in hectic Tijuana, México. After playing in post-punk bands he began developing a style of ambient, wall-of-sound recording techniques and noise-pop laden minimal electronic music under the alias Kixly. Between 2006 and 2009 he promoted a string of shows in Tijuana with Portland based experimental electronic artists that included Lucky Dragons, YACHT and Bobby Birdman, as well as a seminar by danish born composer Goodiepal, that focused on his teachings of Radical Computer Music.

In 2009 he coined the term Ruidosón which is a developing musical, visual and philosophical aesthetic that takes influence from local traditional regional mexican sounds, rhythms and social contexts and juxtaposes them with futuristic global electronica making for an original glocal border sound. In 2009 he made his debut with Los Macuanos, pioneering a new local sound, along with contemporary Tijuana based producers María y José, and later Santos and Siete Catorce, throwing parties under the Ruidosón banner. In 2010 he attended the Red Bull Music Academy in London. Currently he is touring and producing with Los Macuanos while also performing under the aliases DJ Nombre Apellido and HEXORCISMOS, which are latin influenced electronic dance music and heavy experimental bass/drone projects respectively. He currently resides between Tijuana and DF.

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