Kirsten Reese is a composer and sound artist based in Berlin. She creates experimental music for electronics and instruments, sound and audiovisual installations, and performative works with electronic media.

Kirsten reese

One focus of her work lies on sound installations in landscapes and urban outdoor environments, for example no voice audible but that of the sea on the far side an installation for a sound damping cofferdam at Aarhus harbour SPOR festival 2013; KlangBallon, performance und composition for instruments, mobile loudspeakers, hot air balloon, geodata and landscape, Netzwerk Neue Musik, Eisenach 2010; Lotussound, sound installation for sixty loudspeakers in seven gardens of Lotusland, Santa Barbara, California, 2010. Recently KSH, a scenic composition for pianist, piano, electronic media, loudspeakers and objects was premiered by Klaus Steffes-Holländer for SWR Mainz.  Kirsten Reese's works were presented at concerts, galleries and at national and international festivals, i.e. Donaueschinger Musiktage 2006 and 2013, MIBEM Melbourne 2008, Borealis Festival Bergen 2009, Festival Rümlingen 2008 and 2010, SoundArt ZKM Karlsruhe 2012. She teaches sound art and intermedia composition at the University of the Arts Berlin.