Berangere Maximin is an electroacoustic music composer and performer, based in Paris. Working out of her own Home Sweet Home Studio, she shoots sounds in a dark silent room, records soundscapes and acoustic sounds, performs on a variety of objects, plays with sampling, digital effects and sings. 

Berangere Maximin bw

 "She has written musical works for concert and soundtracks, and has contributed to the French contemporary music movement. Her attraction to light and powerful sounds gives her work a very unique quality." (John Zorn) After the release of her debut album ‘Tant Que Les heures Passent’ (As Long As The Hours Go By) on Tzadik (2008), she's started to perform in solo and hit the road with two series of works for live voice and laptop. While touring Europe and the USA, she’s shared the bill with strong personalities such as Fred Frith or Fennesz. The second album of BM, ‘No One Is An Island’ (2012), marks the beginning of her collaboration with the Belgian label Sub Rosa. 'Infinitesimal’ out in July 2013 is the third album she has composed and produced in her studio. She’s obtained commissions and residencies at Grim-Montévidéo (Marseilles, FR, 2009), the IMEB (Bourges, France, 2009), the Ina-GRM (Paris 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012) and was included in the ‘Institut Français Hors Les Murs’ Residency Program (New York City, 2011).