Tiago de Mello (São Paulo) is a composer and director of NMElindo (fb.com/nmelindo),
a group for experimental music in Brazil. He studied Musical Composition at the Universidade de Campinas/Unicamp and is now studying Cultural Business at Fundação Getúlio Vargas/FGV.

Tiago is visiting EMS for 10 days, developing his research into the Experimental Music Scene, looking for ideas to improve the scene for experimental music in Brazil and creating sustainability for it.


As an artist, he has had a solo-CD released (cadernos,tdm http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/cadernos), a duo-CD (mal, Drama http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/drama), and participated in some collective CDs(NMEchá#1 http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/nmech, NMEaniversário#1 http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/nmeanivers-rio-1-cdNMEaniversário@bandcamp http://nmelindo.bandcamp.com/album/nmeanivers-rio-2-bandcamp).

More information can be found on his website: demellotiago.com