At EMS, supported by Polska Institutet and Help Musicians UK, Radek Rudnicki is going to work on the new Space F!ght album using both Buchla and Serge modular synthesisers with previously recorded live and studio material. Furthermore, he will investigate the use of data with modular analog synthesis.

Space F!ght is an audio and visual live experience that explores the interaction between 3D projection mapping and improvised music. Drawing upon influences from a wide range of music styles, Space F!ght blends saxophone (James Mainwaring), voice (Anna Edgington) trumpet (Matt Postle) percussion (Enrico Bertelli), guitar (Tom Adams) and electronic hardware (Radek Rudnicki) to create an unique and powerful sound, visualised through with custom made 3D projections (Jakub Hader). 


Space F!ght work is inspired by sci-fi novels, as well as art/science communication. Collective collaborated with Stockholm Environment Institute, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and researchers from University of York, UK on data sonification projects.